20 Major Dark Academia Quotes

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This is a list of 20 major dark academia quotes

Dark Academia Quotes

β€œAutumn is a poem – while you fall for everything, you remember that there is something worth dying for.”

Laura Chouette

β€œYou can justify anything if you do it poetically enough”

M.L Rio

β€œThere are stars inside the universe nobody ever wrote about.”

Laura Chouett

β€œThe art is already in the picture.”

Laura Chouett

β€œIt was a beautiful room, not an office at all, and much bigger than it looked from outside–airy and white, with a high ceiling and a breeze fluttering in the starched curtains. In the corner, near a low bookshelf, was a big round table littered with teapots and Greek books, and there were flowers everywhere, roses and carnations and anemones, on his desk, on the table, in the windowsills. The roses were especially fragrant; their smell hung rich and heavy in the air, mingled with the smell of bergamot, and black China tea, and a faint inky scent of camphor. Breathing deep, I felt intoxicated. Everywhere I looked was something beautiful–Oriental rugs, porcelains, tiny paintings like jewels–a dazzle of fractured color that struck me as if I had stepped into one of those little Byzantine churches that are so plain on the outside; inside, the most paradisal painted eggshell of gilt and ”

Donna Tartt 

β€œNo one felt the wavering light of a breath, the heat of Hell churning the dungeon, or the otherworldly darkness visiting the chambers, except the five students. β€” excerpt from Curse of the Stars”

Ezgi Yücebaş,

β€œEvery inch of her seemed to freeze with the otherworldly air visiting the room. β€œBurn in hell, whore.” She managed to utter between gritted teeth.

β€œI already do that every day, child.”

Ezgi Yücebaş

β€œDon’t let me wake up alone.”

Olivie Blake

β€œ… A brother noble, Whose nature is so far from doing harms, That he suspects none; on whose foolish honesty My practices ride easy!” β€”If we were villains; in the final Caesar play.”

M.L Rio

β€œIt always makes me a little sad when you laugh,” Julian went on. “The way it sort of takes you by surprise. I love it, it has that sweet sincerity that’s the best part of you, but it still kills me how you never seem to expect it. All I want to do is make you happy, and you’re the unhappiest person I’ve ever met.”

Micah Nemerever

β€œThe question isn’t whether magic is real. It’s whether I can touch it without being consumed by it.”

Victoria Lee

β€œI still feel ghosts around me: the ghosts of the five Dalloway girls who defied the boxes and coffins the world tried to put them in. The ghosts of other women who attended or worked at this school, but whose legacies were forgotten instead of deified. The ghosts of every girl who came here and felt history beneath her feet. But I’m not haunted anymore. Maybe I never was.”

Victoria Lee

β€œThey danced wildly in the forest, swaying with the tall trees and the howling wind.”

Tom Schulman

β€œAs they descended through the portal underneath the abbey, she shed Jeanie’s skin and became Ilsa again; the Ilsa who had never belonged in the world above.”

Hannah Mathewson

β€œI promise to see you, exactly as you are, as often as you let me.”

Jasmine Silvera

β€œWhat we outlive becomes our cage eventually.”

Laura Chouette

β€œHe is all my art to me now.”

Oscar Wilde

β€œYou have to ration sympathy and grief in here the way you ration school supplies.”

Naomi Novik

β€œHow easy was it to just grab a handful of you before you dissolved? If someone asks you tell them loving you was the closest I came to seeing God.”

Ayushee Ghoshal

β€œI felt sure…that these creatures were never threatened by the grimness of history, either.”

Elizabeth Kostova
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